Original NOPP Project Abstract

Project Abstract

The proposed partnership between oceanographers, engineers, private entrepreneurs, commercial fish harvesters, and federal agency representatives will develop a system to collect, telemeter, analyze, assimilate, and distribute high-quality, synoptic environmental (hydrography, meteorology, biology) data from the coastal ocean. The data will be integrated into the U.S. GLOBEC database, which is a distributed data management system with open access via the internet. In addition, assessments of fish stocks and proprietary fisheries catch data will be collected and distributed to some partners, and incorporated into some data sets, as appropriate. The goal is to create shared, real-time data management systems that may be used by any individual, program, or agency for a wide variety of purposes: research, education, assessment, management, marketing, regulation, modeling, and/or prediction. The significance of this project lies both in the integrative functions, aimed at uniting these distinct constituencies into functional partnerships for data collection and information exchange, and in the technical functions, aimed at producing an integrated sensor system for deployment on commercial fishing vessels.